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SAN-DEL designs

...because we're all one of a kind

Not many people are fortunate enough to find their true calling in life.  I'm lucky enough to have found mine, interior design.  I come from simple roots, have traveled a lot to experience a lot and have followed down many paths before I discovered that interior design is my passion.

After finishing at the top of my class of design school in 2009, I immediately started a career in commercial interior design.  After 5 years of commercial design experience, I've expanded into custom home building services and residential design to become experienced, full circle, in every aspect of design.

about ME

Residential interior design packages, from furniture to accessories and everything in between

Commercial design packages using specific materials that will withstand the harsh environments in commercial settings

Custom designed and built furniture

Individual window treatment, furniture and accessory orders

what makes me  different

Sarah Cardinal

I truely believe that everyone has their own style and that you should not live in your surroundings based on what everyone else likes.  You need to love where you live, love your surroundings and feel like they are a reflection of you.

I also believe you do not need to spend your life savings on designing your space.  My goals are to design within budgets, no matter how large or small.